Mobile Accessories

Mobile Accessories

Mobile phone accessories are products designed to improve several features of a phone, make their use simpler, and protect it against external damages. Examples of such accessories are headphones, car chargers, power banks and cases.

Your tech-savvy smartphone enthusiast in your life would appreciate a fun and functional smartphone accessory – something they can enjoy with every swipe, tap and scroll! These special gifts will ensure they have hours of joyful phone use ahead.

Screen Protectors

Your mobile device’s screen contains everything from precious photos to personal text messages and emails, but if you’re concerned about prying eyes snooping in, consider getting a privacy screen protector – these typically consist of PET or tempered glass protectors which cover your display when not looking directly at it.

Tempered glass is one of the best materials to use when it comes to protecting devices, as it can withstand heavy drops and abrasions without cracking or scratching. Furthermore, its resistance against fingerprints and oil from your hands helps make this material highly protective of electronic devices.

TPU screen protectors can absorb lighter bumps and scratches without damaging your device’s display, yet can be more challenging to install correctly than other options as they require spray solutions, squeegeeing tools and UV lights for installation. Some products offer hinged guide stickers which help ensure it fits correctly.


Headphones can provide an enjoyable listening experience when traveling or waiting in lines, as they allow you to tune out distractions while remaining focused on other tasks.

Earbuds are small headphones designed to fit comfortably within your ear canal, while over-the-ear models feature bulkier designs with soft cushioned cups connected by an adjustable headband and noise cancellation capabilities.

Many headphones feature volume limits to protect the ears from permanent damage. Look for options such as the iClever HS14 kids headphones which have an 85dB limit or models which automatically reduce sound output to safer levels after a set amount of time has elapsed, such as models featuring automatic volume reduction or with microphone for hands-free calling and hands-free microphone capability for hands-free calling capabilities. You could also look into bluetooth options which connect wirelessly with various devices.

Car Chargers

Car chargers are an efficient way to keep mobile devices topped up while on the move, including USB car chargers, wireless car chargers and built-in car chargers.

Car chargers typically cost less than wall chargers and offer compatibility with most smartphones and mobile devices.

Wireless car chargers remove the need for cables that could potentially get tangled or damaged while driving, making them much safer and convenient to use while driving. Simply place the phone on a charging pad for easy and safe charging while on the move – ideal for using smartphones as GPS navigation devices while travelling! Compatible with most major smartphones (some even support fast charging!).

Power Banks

Power banks are portable battery chargers designed to keep your devices topped up while traveling. Their compact form factor makes them convenient, and their battery indicators remain out of the red, keeping you connected at all times.

Search for a power bank with a high output in watts so your devices can be charged rapidly and efficiently. Also consider models supporting wireless charging if compatible.

Be wary of low-quality power banks produced in countries without stringent production standards as they may be susceptible to overheating, which can damage internal components and result in fires or explosions. Also avoid leaving power banks exposed directly sunlight or hot cars as this could also cause overheating and shorten their lifespan.


If you’re worried about dropping your phone, a case can help protect it from minor scratches and even screen shatterage. There are also unique designs and cases with customizable back panels, sides, camera lenses and camera lens covers available for you to purchase.

Some mobile phones don’t include wide-angle lenses or video stabilizers, so these accessories can help you take better pictures and videos on your phone. Plus, some even allow users to print photos directly or scan documents using their smartphone!

Mobile phone accessories can be easily found online, but visiting a physical store to test out sound quality of headphones or camera lenses before purchasing will give you confidence that you are getting the best accessories possible for your budget.