Top 10 Gadgets to Watch Out For in 2024

Top 10 Gadgets to Watch Out For in 2024

There are lots of cool gadgets on the horizon in 2024. Here are 10 you do not want to miss, including a personal assistant robot and a 4K TV that supports HDR.

Apple’s Vision Pro commits to expanding beyond screens, while Samsung’s Galaxy Ring, Rabbit and Humane AI Pin all endeavour to show that you don’t need your handset open to hold your world.

Smart Home Assistant

Home assistants are smart devices that can be controlled with voice-recognition technology and facilitate the management of smart homes such as being able to control home automation devices, program events or video chat. Some examples include Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Nest devices. Advantages include energy efficiency, ease of use and hands-free operation; disadvantages might be the intrusion on privacy, the problems of compatibility, and the requirement of a broadband internet connection with sufficient bandwidth.

Wearable Fitness Trackers

Gone are the days of simple step-counting bands; fitness trackers exist in a vast evolutionary space: not only do devices like the Fitbit Sense feature FDA-cleared heart rate monitors, others, such as Oura Ring, add temperature sensors to track body temperature in addition to all of Oura’s signature sleep-tracking features. (Some GPS running or smartwatches are equipped with altimeters that measure altitude gain on runs and hikes, but these models tend to be less versatile and functional than their specialised counterparts.).


Drones are the little planes that can be flown with an intuitive handheld remote and used to make breathtaking aerial photographs and videos. Drones can be used for surveying & mapping and photogrammetry. They also can be used for firefighting and search rescue. The DJI Air 2’s compact frame is packed with more features than you might think possible, offering a fantastic feature set for first-time purchasers or anyone who wants an economical option. The DJI Air 2S is further proof that you’re getting a lot more than you may realise – it has a plethora of features that should make it near the top of your considerations for dropping an aerial drone in the sky.

Gaming Console

Video game playback is facilitated through game consoles, devices that are configured for hardware. There are several types of consoles available: home consoles (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X); handheld consoles that are designed to be used while on the go; a hybrid form of both. For example, video games consoles are equipped with improvements like increased realism through virtual reality, faster speeds owing to faster load times and with more powerful hardware overall.

Smart Speaker

For example, smart speakers are voice-based and can support other smart devices like security cams. They also can tell information received from different outlets as well as work as assistants who help users manage their daily tasks with more efficacy. While the Sonos Era 300 sits comfortably among the best premium smart speakers on the market, Google Home Mini distils the best streaming smarts and music playback into a tiny form factor.

Smart Car

Smart cars are changing our driving lifestyle. The cars are now equipped with sensors or cameras which function as their eyes and ears. Paired with GPS for route destination, or devices collecting data from vehicles, they offer us new opportunities for safe and comfortable travel. They are equipped with the latest connectivity to interact with smartphones and wearables, bringing mobility to everything from car-sharing to get people where they need to go to enhancements in fuel efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Smart Glasses

Smart glasses are a very exciting hands-free computer, which displays information over a real image. Some of them is built with a camera, so you can take a picture or shoot video. Google Glass (catapulted into the mainstream by publicity in 2013) was originally marketed to the general public, but after baulking consumers killed its journey in retail conditions, it was taken into the enterprise environment in 2017. Other manufacturers have developed similar devices, which are more in the realm of industrial uses; they support agile work environments, and remote assistance services.

Smart Bracelet

Smart bracelets are modern wrist device which contains such features as fashion, fitness tracking and light smartphone functions. Its users could use this phones very conveniently without holding phones in the hand. Fitness monitoring is perhaps the most utilitarian function of smart bracelets. They count steps and calculate calorific expenditure based on exercise data logged during daily physical activity.

Smart Watch

Smart watches are small computers that you wear on your wrist. They have similar components and functions to your smartphone, including some kind of digital display, a global positioning (GPS) receiver, a Bluetooth (wireless) adaptor, a certain amount of internal digital memory, and a number of different types of sensors. Some offer advanced health monitoring functions such as sleep analysis and personalised exercise programmes; others – such as the Garmin MARQ Aviator Gen 2 – feature flight navigation capabilities and jet-lag advisor; and again, others allow calls and voice assistants.