Mobile Accessories That Optimize Functionality and Aesthetics

Mobile Accessories That Optimize Functionality and Aesthetics

Mobile devices have quickly become ubiquitous tools of communication, productivity and entertainment; users demand accessories that enhance both functionality and aesthetics for these versatile tools. Users want accessories that reflect both individuality and technological trends and this demand leads to demand for cases and skins of varying colors, patterns and materials.

Key players invest in research and development to produce accessories compatible with new mobile device technologies, including wireless charging solutions and noise-cancellation headphones. Furthermore, they partner with smartphone brands to ensure compatibility.

Phone Cases

Phone cases serve many functions for mobile phones, from protecting against damage to personalizing and organizing them – as well as acting as wallets for cash and cards – they come in all sorts of designs, materials and degrees of protectiveness to make an industry that thrives today.

Standard phone cases provide basic protection to protect a phone’s back and sides with an elevated bevel around its screen, helping guard it against scratches when placed face down. They’re flexible, lightweight and provide adequate defense from minor bumps or drops.

Tougher phone cases are constructed of thicker, harder materials to provide additional protection from drops and dings, making them an excellent choice for active lifestyles or anyone needing extra security for their phone. Anti-loss keychain features can help safeguard against misplacing it; some even feature GPS tracking technology to remotely locate it!

MicroSD Cards

Secure Digital (SD) cards have long been a standard way of saving data on mobile devices. Being small and portable, SD cards make saving information convenient – music files, photos and games all can be stored easily on them.

There is an array of SD cards on the market, and choosing one appropriate to your task is paramount. Speed of SD card usage also plays a part; two MB/s Class 2 cards represent the entry-level offering while Class 10 cards can record 4K video (though may not provide high frame rates).

Most Android phones can allow you to incorporate a microSD card into their internal storage. To do this, insert it and tap on its notification. From here you’ll be given an option whether or not you want it displayed as portable storage or internal storage; select latter if you plan to store applications there.


Headphones and headsets allow you to enjoy audio content without being distracted from other activities, as well as being used for hands-free calling. Some models feature noise cancellation technology for an enhanced listening experience and virtual surround sound for even deeper immersion.

Wireless headphones come either wired or wireless; Bluetooth-enabled models can be used with stationary CD/DVD players, home stereo systems or mobile devices with compatible receivers such as phones or tablets.

Headphones and earphones can be identified by their size and build of their cups (earpieces). Over-ear and on-ear headphones have large cups that completely cover your ears to block out ambient noise; open-back models let more ambient sound into them for enhanced audio quality, while closed-back headphones seal off all sound leakage from outside sources for superior outdoor use.


Chargers are essential accessories to keeping your phone operating at maximum efficiency, and there are many choices available to ensure you maximize its potential.

Charge plates, commonly seen at upscale restaurants and catered events, serve an aesthetic purpose when placed beneath dinnerware for dining purposes. Also referred to as underplates or service plates, charge plates may feature non-food-grade materials which shouldn’t come into direct contact with food, yet still match table colors, centerpieces and tablecloths perfectly.

These plates come in various lengths/diameters and materials, including metal, wood, glass and pearl. Choose a style that best enhances the aesthetic of your event and coordinates with its color scheme, menus and tablecloths to elevate its overall look. Some chargers even feature etched designs or decoupaging for an additional personalized touch.