The World of the Internet

The World of the Internet

The shortest term of the internet is the ‘web’. The World Wide Web is probably one of the largest communication tools ever created. It is being used by billions of individuals all around the world. If you visit any web site you will see numerous links to other web sites. Each one of these web sites contains a number of hyperlinks leading to other web sites. These hyperlinks are referred to as the web pages.

The worldwide web is a great source of information and it provides people with almost unlimited opportunities for research and self-discovery. In fact the internet has already revolutionized education as well as health care. A few years back education was a very expensive affair. Today a student can complete his education from home with just a few clicks of the mouse. Medical research too is being made significantly easier by the availability of the internet.

One of the latest developments in the field of internet technologies is the development of web applications. These web applications allow internet users to access a particular system or server from anywhere in the world at any given time. An example of such a web application is a blogging service. Other common internet protocols that are used widely are the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS) and the DataNet protocols.

Internet connection is one thing, using the internet for communication is another. Broadband internet service is most commonly used and it is fast becoming the most preferred type of internet service provider. Most internet service providers offer different packages depending upon the individual needs of the customer. Broadband is also widely used for online gaming and social networking. These activities make the internet a hot destination for many internet users.

The internet also allows for the e-mails to be used widely by many different individuals across the globe. E-mail accounts are commonly used to communicate with friends and colleagues. Some email services such as Yahoo! Email and Gmail have become very popular with internet users and they have millions of daily subscribers.

With millions of people using the internet for communication and business purposes, many different file transfer protocol (FTP) and network protocols are in place. One of the most popular and widely used is the FTP. FTP programs allow users to upload files into their computers and allow them to be stored remotely. File transfer protocol also known as FTP is one of the most commonly used protocols on the world wide web. FTP programs are commonly used to access the internet and to upload files into computers.